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An Extension of
Your Organization

Our approach to retained search leverages our strengths of speed, agility, and responsiveness as a boutique agency while remaining true to our operating principle of partnership. The result is a service that is both thorough and personalized. A dedicated search team is assigned to the engagement.

We are well structured with efficient processes, cross-trained associates, and a business model that encourages us to not only check off the client’s criteria boxes but leverage our relationship based insights to connect the dots and uncover value. Our partnership enables us to act as an extension of your organization.

Board Members
General Manager
Sr. Director

Founded with Purpose

Started in Chicago from humble beginnings

Permanent Searches

We discover, engage, and partner with talent

Repeat Business

Building long term, mutually beneficial relationships

Become Your
Brand Champion

Our aim is long-term partnerships versus accepting every search we can attain. Developing a relationship means understanding a client’s business, core values, market, competition, culture, benefits and short- and long-term goals.

To attract talent in today’s market we must understand and be able to convey the purpose and impact of a client’s organization. Our emphasis is on a limited number of value built, mutually beneficial relationships over a high volume of commodity based searches. We are a brand champion.


Conducted at a percentage of base salary


Assessed based on priority, exclusivity, & client relationship


Senior staff and middle management

From talent shortfalls
To real solutions

Over the past five years, we have conducted more than 500 assignments for private and public companies across industries. We tap into competitive markets to identify passive talent and recruit leaders

STEP 1Assessment

Align with core competencies, develop search strategy, and execute research

STEP 2Sourcing

Contact sources, calibrate with progress reporting, prioritize top prospects

STEP 3Interviews

Competency interviewing, assessments, and detailed referencing

STEP 4Selection

Schedule meetings, debrief evaluation, negotiation & candidate counseling

Copyright Castle Alliance, Inc. All rights reserved.

Copyright Castle Alliance, Inc. All rights reserved.