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ROI is to Business, as ROF is to Life

March 19, 2020by Amit Patel

Look around. Social media. TV. Movies. Magazines. In person.

What do you see? Glitz, glam, bling, riches, ice…success.

Success is put on a pedestal. It is all over and in your face. But it is a misrepresentation of reality. Success is simply the end result of something far more significant and less sexy. Failure.

The foundation of any great feat, deed,  or accomplishment is failure. The more meaningful the result, the greater the frequency and intensity of failures involved.

Success is a sum of failures.The greater the success, the more failures it is made up of.

In business, Return on Investment (ROI) drives financial decisions. In life, Return on Failure (ROF) should drive meaningful decisions such as relationships, family, career, and health.

Just as you would seek ROI with your dollars you should seek ROF with your effort. Embrace your failures. They are the building blocks to success. Don’t give up. Your pain, suffering, humiliation, frustration, and otherwise is for nothing. There is no ROF for quitting.

Edison is famous for inventing light bulb. He should be famous for failing over 1,000 times without quitting. Point is, we don’t have light bulbs because of Edison’s success. We have them because he didn’t quit. He understand and sought ROF.

Keep failing. Embrace it. Never give up. Stay at it until you do what you came to. Your returns will be immense.

Success is the sum of failures. Go get your ROF.

Amit Patel

Copyright Castle Alliance, Inc. All rights reserved.

Copyright Castle Alliance, Inc. All rights reserved.