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Amit Patel


Look around. Social media. TV. Movies. Magazines. In person. What do you see? Glitz, glam, bling, riches, ice…success. Success is put on a pedestal. It is all over and in your face. But it is a misrepresentation of reality. Success is simply the end result of something far more significant and less sexy. Failure. The foundation...

Who do you thank more often? Strangers, acquaintances, friends, or family? And who out of that group do you most often criticize? Be mindful of the gratitude paradox. Increased familiarity leads to increased comfort which makes it easier to share displeasure. Less familiarity leads us to mind our manners and therefore demonstrate gratitude. Many of...

Watching a terminally ill loved one go through sickness and suffering to their eventual death is a trying and painful time. It certainly was to experience as my mother went through the process from diagnosis to her death from cancer. But it was also a time of clarity, growth, and perspective. Lesson #1: Separate ambition...

Copyright Castle Alliance, Inc. All rights reserved.

Copyright Castle Alliance, Inc. All rights reserved.